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alarm systemWe currently use the Hills Reliance 12 and 128 model security panels. They provide reliable technology so you have the best protection possible for your home/office, although we deal with many other panels if you have a specific one in mind.

Control Panel- Your control panel is the brain of your security system and controls all security devices. It gathers the information from your sensors, interprets these, and then activates the alarm accordingly. The built-in digital communicator reports an alarm immediately to our base station which is staffed 24 hours a day, ready to report a burglary, fire, or panic alarm to you or the proper authorities. You can elect to either have only the alarm system installed without it being monitored, monitored by a base station or monitored yourself.

Movement Sensors - We have a range of detection devices from leading manufacturers including Hills, Bosch & Others. All are high quality motion sensors that effectively detect an intruder in your home. Theses sensors are strategically placed around your home to have you and your family covered in protective security. We also supply Bosch pet detectors which enable you to keep pets (a cat or small dog) inside the house without setting off your alarm system.

small security pulsorPulsors – Used indoors and outdoors for security and early warning applications. The Pulsor is ideal for residential systems with pets up to 27KGs, as well as applications without pets. Roofs or commercial buildings are also excellent locations for the Pulsor. Though residential and commercial buildings are the most common applications, Pulsors are used for security in many other ways. Steel Fire Escapes, Steel catwalks in open-pit mining operations, cockpits of Airplanes, Roller-Coaster frames to initiate automated sequences, chain link fence posts, tractor trailer beds to detect unauthorized entry, display platforms in museums, under window sills.

Over Temperature Alarms available for fridges, cool rooms and freezers protect food and products from spoilage.

Code Pads - The code pad gives you the full control over your alarm system, and allows you to view all of the security devices to determine their status throughout your home. There are also three emergency codes that can be programmed for fire, police and ambulance. You just press the button and hold for 2 seconds. The new VoiceNav code pad (pictured on the right) has many unique features including it's modern slimline look.

Alarm Indicators - For added peace of mind, our Security systems come with an outdoor siren and strobe light. If your alarm system has been triggered there are visual and audio indicators to alert you.

Smoke Detectors - Smoke alarms can be fitted to your monitored alarm system, this enables the authorities to respond quickly and effectively. 

Remote Controls - We offer the added convenience to your alarm system with wireless remote controls. They are an easy and practical way to operate your alarm system. The four button remote can be used to control garage doors and gates throughout your property.

Wireless Security Systems - Wireless systems enable you to have a security system without having to leave it behind when you move. It does not leave any holes for wires in walls which mean they are perfect for rental properties.

NBN information for Alarm
Have you got NBN or is it coming to you soon? WE CAN HELP!

In most cases, once you get NBN depending if your connection is NBN to Node or all the way to your home, this can determine how it will affect you.

If you have your alarm system set up for ‘domestic dial’ where it only rings your mobile, it will still work. But if you have it connected to a monitoring station, you will need to seek alternative options for your alarm system to report.

There are solutions for your alarm system so it can still call your monitoring station.

To take full advantage of the NBN, if you’re building or renovating – this is the perfect time to prepare for it.

It will also change the way your internet works inside your home through your Hills Home Hub.

Our Technicians or Consultants can help you decide which option is best for you.

3G GSM –Replaces the standard PSTN line with a mobile connection, working through the mobile network. You will need to supply a Sim card – this will also work if you’re wanting to get rid of your home phone line, so your alarm can still call you.

Permaconn GPRS unit is used for monitored clients only – all calls are included in your monitoring charges.

Ring us today for the best option for you. 07 3881 2030

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