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Smart Wiring

Smart Wiring controls both networking & home automation. This will enable your home to be NBN ready and future proof. Home Automation is a system that controls lighting, security, motorised doors, blinds, pumps, water features, access control and energy management. Smart Wiring can be your main hub for controlling your internet, Data, TV and Music throughout the house.

Hills home hubLighting - The lighting for home automation works on most residential and commercial lights. It has smart switching and dimming functions for lighting control. With lighting control you can instantly enhance the mood of any room. The lighting system is directly controlled by keypads, key ring remote, and infrared remote, via the telephone or over the internet.   

Energy Management - Home automation can help you save energy in and around your home. Home automation uses timers, temperatures monitors, and movement detectors. Sensors can be programmed to control other devices in the home such as appliances, blinds, and floor heating. 

Networking & Control - Home automation networking allows you to interact with a variety of systems such as moisture sensors, garage doors, and temperature sensors. 

User Interfaces (keypads) - Home automation is controlled through keypads with an easy design for simple use. There are many designs for you to choose from to suit the decor of your home.

Home automation industry uses Pulsors for activation of different utilities based upon were a person may be standing. Light activation is one of the more common circular speakerapplications.

Top and bottom of stairs, his and her sides of the bed (for low level night lighting), in front of closet doors, outdoor decks for lighting and annunciation, water activation in showers, fan activation in restrooms, camera/VCR activation, activation of heating/cooling systems.

Hills Music

For entertainment in your home or office we supply and install the Hills Home Music Speakers and Home Music Manager. These systems provide you with a high quality performance delivering superior stereo sound to any chosen room in your home. You can even use your computer as a music source.

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