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Ducted Vacuums

Beam ducted vacuumDucted Vacuum Systems are a healthier option for cleaning your home, reducing major allergy symptoms by 61%. Conventional vacuum cleaners pass dust and particles through the vacuum cleaner and back into the air and your home. Studies have shown that many people suffer from allergies and ducted vacuums can reduce the amount of allergens in your home.

Ducted Vacuums are very quiet, because the motor is mounted in the garage, or ceiling and they come with a built in muffler. You never have to worry about waking people up when doing your vacuuming. It's so Easy! Vacuuming with a lightweight hose, you have no cord to trip over.

BEAM Power Unit Specifications:





Air Watts 620 700 735
Service Distance 45m 75m 95m
Maximum Inlets 6 10 15
Water Lift 2962 3352 3350
Airflow 58.19 64.65 65.21
Debris Capacity 15L 15L 25L
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